Teacher Education Seminars​

The Introductory Cycle

The seminars of this Cycle are designed for beginning teachers and, as a refresher, for experienced teachers with little or no professional training in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL). The Courses are an excellent preparation for the English Language Teachers’ Certifications exams, accredited by ΕΣΥΔ. Trainees are given the opportunity to discuss and participate in practical activities which enable them to approach the teaching of the four Skills, Vocabulary, Grammar and Class Management and Lesson Planning.

The Pre-primary Cycle

The seminars in this Cycle concentrate on language activities and foreign language teaching techniques used with pupils aged 5 to 11. The seminars cover the teaching of all four Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, Song and Movement, Theater Activities and Games.

Creativity in EFL

TEFL is in itself an art; however, many stimulating activities for the foreign language classroom can be based on song, verse, drama and prose. On the other hand, the use of visual media encourages creativity and productivity on the part of the teacher and his/her students, transforming and enhancing the classroom environment and promoting learner-centered and learner-designed activities.

Advanced Technical Skills

Specialized, in-depth topics of specific interest. A teacher’s development never stops, be it in terms of his/her language development, awareness about himself/herself, his/her personal and professional needs and interests.