National and international collaborations with universities, organisations, schools and professionals​​

Private Organizations and Institutions

  • collaborated with Pilgrims Teacher Training Seminars, Canterbury, England, in exchanging teacher trainers (1987-1998),
  • have been providing teacher training and EFL School management courses and consultancies for Lexis Schools of Language in Romania, Linguata in Moldavia, Big Ben in Bulgaria (since 1995),
  • directed the English Language Programme at Institute of Science & Technology/University of Hertfordshire, Athens (2009-2012),
  • provided teacher training courses for the local associations of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Foreign Language School Owners (PALSO) in Greece,
  • are the main collaborator and educational consultants of the Panellinios Association of Foreign Language School Owners, Europalso, Attica (since 1990),
  • collaborated with the QLS Academic Committee to produce the QLS Keep Smiling Volunteering Project (2016-2017).

National and International Universities and State School Systems

University of Athens, Department of English (since 1994)

  • held teacher training courses offered to 3rd and 4th year students (1995 – 2017)
  • worked as multipliers for the training of Oral Examiners for the State Certification Language Exams (KPG)
  • contributed to the Research Centre for the English Language (RCEL) on-line teacher training program for Greek State Primary School English Language Teachers (PEAP )

Republic of Kazakhstan

  • offered intensive training of High School Science teachers in CLIL methodology and preparation for the Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) (July-November 2017)

Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

  • participated as Greek partner in the SLEST (European Linguistic Standard for Professionals in Tourism) 2.0: Project No: 2013-1-ES1-LEO05-66445 (2013-2015)