Trainers: Suzanne Antonaros, Lilika Couri, Agapi Dendaki and Eman El Difrawy


Full Course (8 hrs): 40 Euros

... for language teachers for language teachers who wish to do their best . . . and better!

N.B.: Participants required to pay fees by May 5th, 2021.

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May 22: “Beyond the Pandemic: What? Empower, Inspire, Connect”

Trainer: Lilika Couri
We look deep inside and we become even more proactive and creative than ever. Our new reality has taught us two things about ourselves and our learners: we need to be mindful, resilient and grateful, and we need to connect. Creative games, chants and activities for teachers AND learners of all ages.

May 29: “Creative Virtual Classroom Activities”
Trainer: Eman El Difrawy

The aim of this session is to explore the effectiveness of using creative activities in teaching English to young learners and Adults. Games have crucially become important for learners and teachers not only because they provide enjoyment, but also as they encourage students to use their language in a creative and communicative manner.

June 5: “Creativity as Both a Strategy and a Goal for Learners with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)”

Trainer: Agapi Dendaki
Emergency online teaching due to the pandemic has brought the issue of Learning Differences to the spotlight better than ever before. The inclusion of students with SpLDs requires both creativity teaching skills (from the teacher) and teaching creativity skills (to the learners). Tips and activities that demand and promote creativity will be part of this webinar.

June 12: “Fact and Fiction: Getting the Story Across”

Trainer: Suzanne Antonaros
Support creativity and imagination, while practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing in a foreign language. Working with objects and images, moving and grooving to share stories. Pretending, reporting and performing for each other can make memories on-screen or off; “Everybody loves a good story!”

Meet the Trainers

Suzanne Antonaros holds a B.A. degree in Spanish and an M.A. degree in TEFL from San Francisco State University. She has had extensive teaching, teacher training and materials development experience. She is the co-director of EDUCATIONAL & TRAINING CONCEPTS, Athens, Greece and has co-authored a number of books for EFL professionals.

Lilika Couri has had extensive EFL teaching, teacher training and EFL School management experience. As EDUCATIONAL & TRAINING CONCEPTS co-director, she has conducted teacher education and school management Courses in Greece, Egypt, the UK and the Balkans. She is co-author of EFL teachers’ resource books and of children’s EFL course books. A founding member of TESOL Greece and of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Greece, Lilika has served on the Board of both volunteer associations.

Agapi Dendaki holds a BA in English and Greek Literature and an M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Athens, as well as an M.Ed. in Counselling in Education from the University of LaVerne. She has been an EFL teacher for the past 35 years, most of which in the public sector. She has also designed, organized and taught many training programmes and seminars of Special Education for educators and other professionals under the auspices of Greek Universities and private institutions. Her professional and research interests focus on differentiated instruction, learning difficulties, teaching technologies and classroom management.

Eman EL Difrawy is a CELTA certified teacher from Cambridge English Assessment (UK) and a TEFL certified teacher. She has experience in developing materials. She worked as an online MOOC facilitator at George Mason University, USA. She is also a part-time teacher at the American University. She is a teacher trainer and the founder of TEFL WORKSHOPS & COURSES. She is a national and international presenter at TESOL Conferences.